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CommunityCarbon exists to provide us all with something real we can do, not matter how small, to help build a sustainable future for our children.   CommunityCarbon and our partners products make it possible for you to help put real renewable energy instrastructure into the community - where you can see, touch and believe in the difference you are making.

Every time you buy a product with CommunityCarbon Units embedded in it, or purchase CommunityCarbon Units outright in a store or online, you not only acquire a carbon credit that reduces your net emissions impact, but also a very important stake in a community project near you.

But what about Copenhagen, government trading schemes and the like?   Governments have made it complex, but in all their schemes, everyone agrees that we should be helping build new sustainable energy infrastructure for our future.   CommunityCarbon makes it possible for you to start now, without the need to wait for the politics to evolve into action.

CommunityCarbon is a Social Venture, a business delivering social outcomes with the best practices from commercial enterprise, and social good as the measures of our performance.   We believe that our future lies in business models that are sustainable and integrated into the economy - not reliant upon government handouts and donations.

Our team comprises proven entrepreneurs, retail, sustainability and infrastructure advisors, and a great deal of passion for our future.



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